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Deadbear - Wabi Sabi EP (zine and badges)

Although we are keen purveyors of everything fuzzy, every now and then something special comes along that makes us feel as though we need to break the mould. In the past this has seen us releasing the ethnic tribal pop of Flamingods, the haunting piano ballads of /please/ and the etheral electronica of Sun Stains. Today we are adding another release to our catalogue to be filed under the 'not just another guitar band' category.

Deadbear is the work of producer Nick Donovan and we are delighted to be releasing his debut EP - Wabi Sabi. Just as with Gold Panda's most recent album, Wabi Sabi showcases cultural influences just as much as musical ones - particularly evident in tracks such as Snow in Tokyo and the title track itself.

The EP is bookended with some great collaborations, opening with Alex Hewitt of Egyptian Hip Hop and closing with a track featuring the aforementioned /please/. This mix of styles gives the EP a real versatility that you might not expect from a mere 5 tracks.

In terms of release, we're doing something a little different for this one. The whole EP is available for free download from our Bandcamp () from today. Never ones to eschew the physical format, we have worked with Deadbear to create a 16 page handmade zine. The images contained within are the perfect accompaniment to the electronic soundscapes contained on Wabi Sabi. You can order the zine (accompanied by some Deadbear badges) for just £1.50 from over on our shop. Watch the flickthrough on Youtube below.