How can I say hey?

Pop us an e-mail at

Will you listen to my band’s demo/EP?

Sure, even if you have a really bad name we’ll probably give you a listen. Just use the email address above. If you have time, send us something IRL - it makes a nice change.

Where's my order?

We're only a tiny DIY label, our collective flats are crammed full of cassettes, tshirts and posters and we squeeze post-packing duties in between other life-filling activities such as full time office jobs, eating too much pizza and going to as many gigs as humanely possible. Despite this we endeavor to send out all orders within 72 hours and we try to post every Monday and Thursday.

All orders come with little extras to say thanks for being such a rad human being, we're currently including free football stickers with every order! If you haven't received your order within a couple of weeks let us know and we'll see what we can do to sort it out.

If you've pre-ordered a release from us, chances are we're probably being held up by a slow pressing plant, an unco-operative printers or some other fault out of our control. Please always check releases dates when you purchase a pre-order item.