Postcard Club Subscription
£21.00 - £35.00

  • Postcard Club Subscription

Postcard Club Subscription
£21.00 - £35.00

How would you like to receive new music on your doormat every single month of 2017?

Our 2017 singles club will be taking the form of a monthly postcard single from some of your favourite bands. Not only that but we'll be making four of the twelve postcards into playable postcard shaped records. There are only 100 subscriptions available and the club will be launching at the end of January with a new single from Penelope Isles.

What you get when you join the Postcard Club:

- A monthly postcard single sent to you from the likes of Trust Fund, Penelope Isles, Factory Seconds and more (12 in total)
- A digital download of each exclusive single
- A handwritten welcome postcard from us
- A handstamped and handnumbered box to keep your postcards in
- A Postcard Club pin and sticker
- An Art is Hard pencil (to write us back)
- Exclusive offers & discounts throughout the year

Or for just £14 extra become a pen(ultimate) pal and get:

- All of the above plus four flexidisc postcards that you can play on your record player. Yes you read that right, vinyl postcards!
- Each is ltd to just 250 copies, the first is Penelope Isles, the second is Trust Fund, the third will be appearing at our 7th birthday and the fourth will be our annual Christmas single is December.

For a years basic subscription it costs just £21! (inc free UK P+P). That’s less than £1.60 per month (or half a pint of weak lager at your local wetherspoons).

Pressing Information

N.B. If you subscribe later in the year, you will receive all previous postcards in one go and then receive one a month from then on.

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