Best Friends - Happy Anniversary / Nosebleeds 7" + comic Vinyl

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Having been featured on several past AIH releases, we return again to musical mystros and all-round-good-guys Best Friends. They’ve previously dominated cassette tape, CD/photo book and pizza box formats so we were running low on ideas of how to get these guys out .. obviously vinyl was a natural and long deserved progression.

And if vinyl wasn’t enough for you, the band have put together a comic that will be included with each 7" (which by the way are a lovely frosted colour). All the artwork is put together by Lew Currie of Nai Harvest.

"Happy Anniversary / Nosebleeds" is presented as a double AA single - the former starting slow, teasing a glimpse towards a more mature side of the band before morphing its way into a heroic climax and unleashing a true summer anthem. “Nosebleeds" is an audible cross-country train that doesn’t even have time to stop at Salisbury, taking you exactly where you want to be before you finish your packed lunch.

Pressing Information

1. Happy Anniversary
2. Nosebleeds