The Pizza Club


Looking to purchase our ltd edition Pizza Box singles, you're in the right place. Looking to become a member of the Pizza Club, head here (you'll also be able to grab some pizza box discounts).

Every other Friday at 1pm (GMT) we will make available 4 physical copies of our latest pizza single. The pizza CD is presented in a screenprinted 7" Pizza Box and will be available to the first four people to grab them from this page.

PZZ1 - Pizza I Love You, But You're Bringing me Down
Goddam Nobody - Cut and Paste to Waste
PZZ2 - Kitchen Nightmare
Abattoir Blues -Still Here
PZZ3 - Pizza Colours
Pastel Colours - She Can't Decide
PZZ4 - Eerie Gouda
Eerie Glue - Go
PZZ5 - Magical Pizza Lasagne Thing
Rodents - Do Nothing
PZZ6 - Soop, tears, patches and locks of hair
Nai Harvest - Ain't That Enough (Teenage Fanclub cover)
PZZ7 - Breakfast at Oliver's
Something - Moon River (cover)
PZZ8 - The Soft Cheezer
Pinact - You Gave Your Love to Me Softly (Weezer cover)
PZZ9 - The Holyland
Gleemer - Honeybear Pt II
PZZ10 - The Supergroup
Nudes - crush
PZZ11 - Disolver
Gorgeous Bully - Disolve
PZZ12 - Doughrise Kingdom
The Golden Dregs - A Life Aquatic
PZZ13 - The Cavepainting
H.Grimace - Cavepainting
PZZ14 - Lovers Delight
Joey Fourr - Gold Boy
PZZ15 - Life Support
Virgin Kids - Life Support
PZZ16 - The Wulf
Wulfs - Moving Out
PZZ17 - Lungs
Cycle Schmeichel - Lungs
PZZ18 - Shimensalsa
Thalassocracy - Shimensoka
A Daydream Waltz - She Was Like You
Broadbay - Plasticine Dream
The Bleaders - Brian's Nose
pet cemetery - giants
Happyness - Jelly Boy (Jesus, Baby)

Thank you to Kieran Gabriel for all the excellent artwork.