Fear of Men - Luna/Outrun Me Flexizine 5th Birthday Sale

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*PREVIOUSLY SOLD OUT, FOUND A FEW COPIES LURKING AT THE BACK OF THE CUPBOARDS* These last few copies do not have the sleeve keeping them all together!

For ‘Luna’ we have decided to launch our new format - the Flexizine. A 5” Flexidisc and a 20 page zine combined into one neat package. For the unaware, a flexidisc is a record made of thin, flexible vinyl which, many years ago, became collectible after being given away with magazines. We have decided to revive the format and continue this tradition by accompanying each of our flexidisc releases with a 20 page a5 magazine. Issue one (aih29) will be curated by Fear of Men and feature photos, words and lyrics. The release is ltd and can be pre-ordered ahead of the April 7th release date.

Pressing Information

1. Luna
2. Outrun Me