PCC9 | Adults - MSN 6 October 2017

Today we're delighted to welcome Adults to the family (aka Dan, Joe, Joely and Tom). Our story starts almost five years ago when me and Rich were living in Exeter. Tom was also living there at the time and had somehow convinced This Town Needs Guns to play in his living room. It was invite only and me and Richard had to practically beg him to let us come*. In Tom's words "I remember stalking Dave online and thinking his label was pretty shitty but now they're all my fav bands."

TL:DR: Tom is a bit of a shit, but over the years we've grown to admire him.

Back to the future, Adults formed after meeting via school, friends, gigs and drunken late nights talks in clubs in London and Dublin. In their words they bonded over "desperately trying to be adults and desperately trying to rip off other bands." Which leads us on neatly to their debut single released today as part nine of the Postcard Club.

'MSN' provides 3:48 of screeching guitars, girl-boy vocals (sometimes shouted, sometimes landing softly) and most importantly a portal to the summer of 2009. A time when Johnny Foreigner seemed like the biggest thing in the world and no-one blinked an eyelid at band names like Cats and Cats and Cats. At the same time the track's lyrical content harks back even further - the days of everyone's favourite instant messenger. The band have neatly summarised it as thus:

"Remember when every word meant something, every emoticon, every song you were currently playing, hoping someone would notice you. Remember how none of that really mattered but how you can't forget it. Remember staring at the screen waiting for that Mormon girl you fancied to finish 'typing...'. Remember the usernames, sid neptune. Remember saying you were out to lunch when you weren't. g2g mum is using the phone fml x."

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If you want to catch Adults live, they're playing at The Good Ship, Kilburn on 20th October.

*For the fact fans, it was also the first time we met Georgie. Additionally the whole thing was livestreamed on the internet and can probably be found if you look hard enough.