Warm Brains - Happy Accidents EP | Football Scarf/Cassette Cassettes


Today we’re so excited and truly humbled to announce our next release as the return of Rory Attwell’s primary recording project Warm Brains.

A couple of years have carved their way into the history books since his well received debut ‘Old Volcanoes’ first landed on our record players. Attwell certainly has been busy since he last stamped his name onto a release of ours (New Year Evil, ‘Shame’ AIH002) - if he isn’t busy pursuing his own material or discreetly wielding an axe onstage with Parlour then he’ll be found busting Brattwell balls at his nautical studio Lightship95. Whether it’s friends of ours like Tyrannosaurus Dead, Gum, Bloody Knees and the aforementioned NYE or larger players such as Yuck, Male Bonding, Big Deal, Paws, Veronica Falls … we could continue to list our favourite bands all afternoon.

As you will hear above, nostalgia runs through the very veins of lead track ‘Happy Accidents’. From the kitchen-sink’esque description of an afternoon spent with relatives to the call and answer chime of the lead guitar part. There’s something distinctly 90’s about the track; whether it’s the mention of “Saturday grandstand” or the fact that this sounds exactly how I wish Blur sounded at the time.

To tie in with all the talk of Saturday afternoons of the 90’s, we will be putting out the release as a ‘football-style’ scarf as well as a beautifully presented cassette. The scarf is double sided with the reverse featuring a plain print. The cassette comes with a download code for an MP3 version of the album

Pressing Information

1. Happy Accidents
2. Flowers Deranged
3. Two Fingered Salute
4. Crooked Etymology