Wedding - Hands in the Till / A Little Love (7" flexidisc and 8 page zine)

  • Wedding - Hands in the Till / A Little Love (7

Wedding - Hands in the Till / A Little Love (7" flexidisc and 8 page zine)

Issue two of our new zine; Eyes & Ears. In the digital age of algorithms and disposable dots and zeros, we think it's important that music should be actively consumed. Not just passively accepted through the feeding tube of a Discover Weekly Playlist. We wanted to create something that could be held and enjoyed alongside the music.

For our second issue we're delighted to be welcoming Wedding to the family. The Berlin-born, Manchester-raised five piece put out mini album Mania Whatever on Stockholm label Maternal Voice last year. Their shimmering, psych-tinged jangle pop has been elevated to new levels on this AA single. Hands in the Till is the motorik socialist pop song we all need, whilst A Little Love is a bittersweet summer afternoon where the sun sets too soon.

They're playing a couple of dates to celebrate the launch of the single:

4th May - The Five Bells, London
12th May - The White Hotel, Manchester (All dayer w/ Damo Suzuki, Thee MVPs)

FFO: Ultimate Painting, Girls, Big Star

Pressing Information

Each issue of Eyes & Ears includes a 7" flexidisc record and an 8 page zine including illustrations, an interview (with Sammy Maine) and more. You'll also receive an instant download of Hands in the Till.

Limited to 300 copies.

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